Our traditional butcher supplies us with the highest quality fresh cuts of Meat and our dockside reps inspect and choose from the freshest catch in season. All our prices are at prevailing market rates and determined when your order is weighed and  fulfilled. If you don’t see what you want here and for more information about our pickup and shipping schedules please call us (518.828.6923) 


USDA Fresh Prime Cuts

Filet Mignon

Steaks: Prime Aged Rib Eyes
Prime Aged New York Strips
Prime Aged Cowboy Steaks
Prime Aged Porterhouse 
Prime Fillet Mignon
Prime Skirt Steaks
Prime Tri Tips
Prime Roasts
Beef for Stews
Ground Prime Angus Sirloin/Chuck 80/20 


    Fish & Seafood 

    Bay of Fundy Salmon, portions or sides, skin on or off
    Arctic Char
    Whole Bronzini
    Block Island Swordfish
    Sushi Grade Tuna
    Rock Shrimp,
    Panama Bay Wild Caught Shrimp
    Little Neck Clams
    Chilean Sea Bass
    Dry Sea Scallops
    Jonah Leg Crab Meat
    Red Salmon Roe
      USDA All-Natural LAMB & PORK

      Lamb Chops--single or double cut, Leg of Lamb, Rack of Lamb (frenched)
      Center cut Pork Chops thick cut--bone-in or boneless
      Center Cut Pork Roasts--bone-in or boneless, Baby Back Ribs
      Ground Lamb and Pork and Lamb for Stew

      Fresh Poultry
      Whole fresh chicken

      All natural, whole Air-Chilled Chickens
      Misty Knoll, Breasts Bone in or Boneless
      Misty Knoll Thighs--bone in, Misty Knoll Wings, Misty Knoll Ground Turkey

      Fresh Sausage
      Italian Sweet or Hot, Lamb with Garlic & Rosemary, Lamb Merguez