This gift box features the enhanced flavors that savory food lovers have honored since forever and its star is Pepper and Herb Extra Virgin Olive Oil from A L'Olivier, a purveyor of beautifully presented French Oils since 1822. L'Olivier infuses this buttery, smooth oil with thyme, rosemary and red, green and black peppercorns.

Also included is Alp Blossom, a raw, Austrian cows' milk cheese with a big, firm, smooth, rich, herbaceous and slightly sweet flavor, Belper Knolle Alt, a Swiss raw cow's milk grating cheese with garlicky tones and great showered over Rustichella d'Abruzzo's Semolina Peperoncino Tonnarelli. Slather Rustic Bakery's Savory Flatbreads with Le Bon Magot Carrot and Fruit Conserve or just a shake of Sel Magique's classic Herbes de Provence blend. All essentials and essentially delicious.

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