When your gift arrives the lucky recipients and their friends will enjoy the bounty of the small farmer. This gift collection is Dena's Homage to the good craftsmanship, skill and dedication of boutique producers and to your good taste.  Ashbrook's makers use the raw milk of local Vermont cows to produce a semi-soft cheese with a delicate layer of vegetable ash at the center. It is pleasantly pungent and creamy. Bayley Hazen Blue is also a Vermonter and a raw milk product. This creamy, blue-veined cheese is rich in flavor and sweet with a licorice-like ripeness. Adiron-Jack, from our own northern New York neighbors is a rich and flavorful cows' milk triple cream--melty with a buttery flavor and a hint of Apple Brandy.
Charlito's Cerveza Seca is an award-winning beer-cured salami made with Heritage pork. Marche Berber Saffron Vanilla Honey blends North African flavors with local honey to provide a unique taste experience... Rustic Bakery Flatbread Crackers are crisp, long crackers and lastly, but definitely not leastly, Olde Hudson's own Snappy Crackers, salty and herby and waiting to be enjoyed with any of the above ingredients.

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