Swordfish with White Wine Butter Sauce

Swordfish with White Wine Butter Sauce

Dena Moran

A few years ago our friend and neighbor Bob Rasner shared this streamlined recipe for Swordfish Steak with White Wine and Butter sauce with me. Now it’s one of my favorites. When I go home at the end of a busy day I can take all the ingredients for this delicious dinner with me.

Bob likes to prepare this in a ribbed griddle indoors or outside on the grill. You can serve this with or without the asparagus -- or maybe choose another fresh vegetable you like to grill. Either way it quickly takes beefy, juicy fish steaks and makes a heavenly match with seasonal asparagus and an effortless sauce.

Serves 4. Thank you Bob


    1 bunch fresh asparagus (or other fresh veggie that you like to grill)
    good olive oil for brushing the asparagus (La Castellina is great here)
    2 Swordfish Steaks 3/4-inch thick
    4 green onions or ramps trimmed and cut to 1/4-inch pieces
    ½ stick sweet butter
    splash of white wine
    chopped flat leaf parsley to taste
    ¼ teaspoons of capers


    If you’re making the asparagus, brush them with oil and lay them out on the back of the griddle, you’ll need to turn them frequently.  The goal here is to heat the asparagus through and brown them a bit.  Do NOT let them get mushy!

    On the front part of the griddle toss on a few scallions (or ramps if they’re in season) and let them sizzle for a minute.  Add the swordfish to the hot griddle long enough for the griddle’s ribs to create lovely sear marks on fish’s surface. Turn and repeat on the other side.
    Total cooking time should be 4 minutes per side at high heat for medium.

    While this is happening, in a small pan heat the butter, add a splash of white wine when the butter is hot and the parsley.  Let this bubble a bit as the fish cooks.

    Serve the asparagus and the fish on hot plates.  Scrape the scallions/ramps onto the fish and pour the butter sauce over the fish.  Add capers for a finishing touch.

    These ingredients can be found at Olde Hudson